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Upscale Resale: How Attractions are Improving the Guests' In-park Spend Experience

Guests have increased expectations in all aspects of their visit to an attraction from the ride and show experience to food, retail and other in-park spend activities

Date Wednesday, 7 October 2015                               
Time 12:00 - 13:30                                                         


Session Description

Savvy attractions operators are raising the quality and experience level in their in-park spend options and are using some out-of-the-box-thinking and technology to raise revenues, profits and service. This informative seminar will examine the success that a number of operators across Europe have enjoyed in food, retail and midway games. 

Europa Park will demonstrate the success it has enjoyed adding its Michelen-starred restaurant Emolite and its creative Loop Restaurant as well as its smaller food kiosks.     

Universeum will speak on its retail operations. 

Finally HB Leisure will explore how parks can improve midway games operations and profit.  

This session will be moderated by Michael Collins, Senior Partner, Leisure Development Partners LLP.


Alex Sparks
Alex Sparks, Managing Director HB Leisure Ltd, UK

After an earlier career working for the Virgin Group and Viacom, Alex joined HB Leisure in 2008. Alex has worked since, with the great team at HBL to continue to build the business. HBL is a company that operates skill games and FEC's in partnership with leading Theme Parks and Attractions. It is a UK based business that also has branches in many countries around the world including the USA, Dubai, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, France, Belgium, South Africa and Malaysia.
Jakob Wahl
Jakob Wahl, Director of Communications Europa-Park, Germany

Jakob Wahl is responsible for communications at Europa-Park in Germany, the world’s largest seasonal theme park. He also works closely with the Mack family, owner of Mack Rides and creator of the park, a family-owned business. Jakob is involved in the daily operations of the park but also in the current development of the Europa-Park resort. Beforehand, he was Programme Manager for IAAPA Europe working in the Brussels office.
Michael Collins
Michael Collins, Senior Partner, Leisure Development Partners LLP (Moderator)

Michael Collins is a Senior Partner and one of the founders of LDP (Leisure Development Partners LLP). Michael has worked all over the world with most of the large theme park operating groups and developers, owners and operators of all forms of visitor attractions.  Michael and LDP's work is in feasibility, business planning, improvement strategy and due diligence for attractions, entertainment and leisure real estate.  Michael’s passion for the entertainment industry stems from his background as the fourth generation of a visitor attraction operating family.  
Other speakers:
- Alex Sparks (HB Leisure)
- Universeum, Sweden (TBA)

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