2017 EAS

With a mostly saturated market in Western Europe, is this now the time for the emergence of Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa?

Date Wednesday, 7 October 2015                               
Time 15:30 - 16:50                                                         


Session Description

Is the Middle East attractions market ready to blossom? Will Africa see the fastest growth with its largest growing middle class? What's the future for the leisure industry in Eastern Europe?
And what lessons can investors and operators in these emerging markets learn from well-established facilities in Western Europe?       

Moderator Yael Coifman welcomes a panel of experts to debate these questions and to examine current development these emerging markets: Poland, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and South-Africa.


Daniel Heinst
Daniel Heinst, CEO Mayaland and Holiday Park Kownaty - Polish Market

"Daniel Heinst is the CEO of Mayaland and Holiday Park Kownaty, in Poland, Central Europes' largest tourist destination. Having a broad background in tourism, he specialized in the development of theme parks in Poland since 2005. Before joining Park Kownaty, he worked as Managing Director for Silesia Park in Katowice, the oldest and largest amusement park in Poland. He is a co-founder of Polish portal Parkmania.pl and writes for Interplay Magazine."
Fedor Gavrichenko
Fedor Gavrichenko, Owner and general manager Boomers Parks and Krucha - Russian Market

Fedor entered the Amusement industry in 2006. He is the owner and General Manager of several FEC's in Russia among which are Boomers parks and “Krucha” which won the Crystal Wheel Award of the best Russian FEC in 2013. Fedor was elected “Man of the year 2014” by the Russian Amusement Industry. He is the Vice President of SAPIR, the Russian National Amusement Union and received an award for the “Outstanding contribution to parks development in Russia in 2013."
Prakash Vivekanand
Prakash Vivekanand, Managing Director of Amusement Services International LLC - ASI World Middle East

Amusement Services International LLC, ASI is one of the paramount service providers to the Middle East & Africa Amusement & Leisure Industry. He shares over 19 years of experience in the amusement and entertainment industry, from planning to design, supply and operations of amusement facilities. Prakash is a Founding Board Member of the Middle East and North Africa Leisure & Attractions Council (MENALAC) and also an active member who advocates for the Leisure industry within World Water Park Association, International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and The Middle East Council of Shopping Centers (MECSC). 
Tolga Alisoglu
Tolga Alişoğlu, CEO and General Manager Vialand - Turkish Market

Tolga is the CEO and General Manager of Vialand, the 1st theme park of Turkey combined with an indoor/outdoor shopping mall and hotel. He started his career in the Media industry, from Cukurova Holding Media Group to Akşam Newspaper, Show TV and SkyTürk TV. He took part in the founding of KanalTürk TV, where he served as General Manager of Advertising, and later became General Manager of Skytürk 360 TV. Tolga has a Master degree and and PhD and joined Vialand in 2013.
Yael Coifman
Yael S Coifman – Senior Partner, UK (moderator)

Yael is a founding partner of Leisure Development Partners (LDP), a specialised consulting practice focused on the worldwide visitor attraction and leisure industry. Yael has an MBA in international business, economics and science and prior to founding LDP, she was a Director at ERA based in Los Angeles and London. During her 20 years consulting in the industry, Yael has completed projects in over 60 countries, throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia, sharing her expertise and global perspective with museums, corporate brand centres, major attractions parks and investment groups.
Sabine Lehmann, Managing Director, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, South Africa

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