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EAS 2016 Conference Speaker Page

Thank you for your participation in the conference programme of the Euro Attractions Show 2016 in Barcelona! We wish you every success!
To help you make the best presentation possible, IAAPA has developed the following guideline.

Dear speakers, prior to EAS, we would like to inform you that:
1.your powerpoint will be needed by July 30, 2016
2.the powerpoint should be no longer than 12 slides
3.depending on the session you are registered in, you have up to 20 minutes for your presentation.
4.keep text to a minimum on the slides

Below is the information to be successful at EAS 2016

1. Presentation Template and Format
2. Helpful Tips When Using MS Powerpoint
3. General Do's and Don'ts
4. Where to meet us and get your Speaker Badge?
5. Conference rooms set-up
6. Presentations taking place at nearby attractions:
    IAAPA Safety Institute / IAAPA Institute for Attractions Managers / Water Park Forum
7. Contact information for the Convention Centre

1. Presentation Template and Format
To maintain a consistent look-and-feel to each presentation, use the EAS conference PowerPoint template. The PPT template can be downloaded here:
- Speakers that are in room 4.1 (IAM and YPF0) need to use this template. (4x3)
- Speakers that are in rooms 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 need to use this template. (16x9)

 Save your presentation as follows :
- Seminar title
- Speaker’s name
-date of presentation (DD/MM/YY)

Example:  how to build an attraction.AlexSmith.20.09.16.pdf
Save the document as .pptx or .pdf.
The presentation should be sent to sstepanovic@iaapa.org. + jverrezen@iaapa.org

Submit your final presentation on or before 01 September 2016.
please, bring a copy of the presentation on a USB stick to the seminar with you!

2. Helpful Tips When Using MS PowerPoint

- Welcome Slide: The first slide of a presentation is often referred to as the opening slide/welcome slide.

To present a good introduction, please list the following subjects:
- Session title
- Speaker name, title and company
- Date

Backgrounds and font sizes

In order to keep the size required to fit onto the screen, please use the Powerpoint template provided by Iaapa (according to the location of your presentation)

 The larger the letters, the better. We recommend using the following standards for the text of the presentation so it is readable for the entire audience.
- Title size: 40 point
- Subtitle or bullet point size: 32 point
- Content text should be no smaller than Verdana 24 point.

(Please avoid licensed and unique fonts that are not compatible with the standard MS Office font package)

Acronyms and Italics :
Do not use acronyms (such as NASA, IAAPA) if not explained
Italics are better for quotes, books or magazine titles and to highlight thoughts and ideas

Graphics and charts
Avoid using graphics that are difficult to read such as complex and detailed charts that contain too much information in an unreadable format (ex : a detailed year planning).

Simple diagrams and illustrations are very useful to make the message clearer.
Animations, photos and videos of a reasonable length are much appreciated. Please make sure you send us the video(s) apart from your slides to make it easier for the A/V team to configure it on the screen.

Bullet Points
Present your case-study through essential bullet points and prepare a slide that sums up the lessons learned.
Let the last slide be your take away slide that the audience can use as a tool kit to implement new ideas in their facility.

3. General Do's and Don'ts

- Smile, relax and have fun, the audience will feel it.
- Be energetic, enthusiastic and passionate.
- Know your topic so you don’t need to read it.
- Move around if it makes you feel more comfortable, the stage is yours.
- Use an interactive format and engage the audience.
- Provide variety, try to add stories, anecdotes, testimonials, or demonstrations that emphasize your point.
- Stay on track and within allotted time.
- Summarize your key points to wrap up your presentation and provide tools and information the audience can apply in their facility.
-Repeat questions asked by the audience so everyone can hear
- type your whole presentation and read it directly from slides.
- Use words that audience may not know.
- Look over your shoulder at the screen, or stand and talk to the screen instead of to the audience.
- Use slides that are text heavy – if you have more information to share, provide a link where attendees can find what they need.
- Engage in side conversations with other presenters or panelists during the session.
- Answer without repeating the question first. Many people can’t hear the question, so unless you repeat it, the answer will make little sense.
- Use conversation fillers like "um,” "you know," and "like.”

You, the Presenter
Remember the audience came to see you and are eager to hear your story. Use your media to enhance your speech.

4. Where to meet us and get your Speaker badge?
All speaker badges will be available for pick up on the 1st floor of the FIRA Gran Via Convention Centre, Hall 3, Zone CC5, in the speaker-ready-room. Please come and meet us at the room to retrieve your badge, Opening Reception ticket and to check in. Iaapa staff will welcome you in, everyday from Monday 19 till Thursday 22, Sept.

5. Conference room Set-up:
The conference rooms -5.1 – 5.2 – 5.3 and the speaker-ready room are all next to one another. (zone CC5)
 The room 4.1 is a couple of meters away, across the hall. (zone CC4)
They will be equipped with the following AV to support your presentation, according to the configuration of the room and needs  :
- Laptop, remote control
- Hand microphone, headset microphone
- stage with chairs, lounge – style with coffee tables 
- Lectern
- Wifi will not be available in the conference rooms

We advise all speakers to be present at the speaker-ready room at least 45 minutes prior to their seminar, to check-in and review their presentation with their moderator.
15 minutes prior to your session, please meet in your conference room to sound-check, set up presentation and feel the stage.

A. Presentations taking place in CC5 and CC4 zone

General Education sessions : room 5.2 and 5.3
Lunch and Learns : room 5.1
FEC/Indoor and Small parks Day : room 5.1
Young Professional Forum : room 4.1  . Networking Cocktail will take place at SB Hotel Plaza Europa, nearby.

Map of the CC5 and CC4 zones

map of the CC5 and CC4 zones



6. Presentations taking place at nearby attractions: 
6. Presentations taking place at nearby attractions: 
6. Presentations taking place at nearby attractions: 

6. Presentations taking place at nearby attractions: 

IAAPA Safety Institute       PortAventura World - El Tinglado  
   Monday 19, September 2016
 IAAPA Institute for Attractions Managers   - PortAventura World - Harvard Room
   Sunday 18 to Monday 19, September 2016
   - Fira Convention Centre cc5, room 4.1
   Tuesday 20, September 2016
 Waterpark Forum  Illa Fantasia Waterpark
   Thursday, 22 September 2016

7. Contact information for the FIRA Gran Via Convention Centre:

Fira Barcelona Gran Via
East Entrance ,Carrer de la Botanica, 08908 Barcelona
Tel : +34  902 233 200 



Iaapa Emea Team