2017 EAS

Euro Attractions Show Speakers’ Guidelines

Please carefully review the following information and guidelines for speaking at the Euro Attractions Show 2017. 

What IAAPA Expects from Euro Attractions Show Speakers

  • Provide electronic versions of appropriate notes, slides, handouts, and/or other supplemental materials related to their session to IAAPA to be posted online for members and attendees to access. Materials must be provided to IAAPA in advance so that PDF versions can be made available to attendees during the Expo. 
  • For sessions with multiple speakers, a Session Coordinator should be designated. This person will be the primary contact person and coordinator for the session and will facilitate communications between IAAPA and all of the session’s speakers. The Session Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all speakers associated with their session(s) are aware of, and agree to, the information and expectations provided in the IAAPA Speaker Guidelines.
  • Sessions may include a maximum of four (4) speakers per 75 minute session and one (1) moderator.
  • In accordance with IAAPA policies, speakers presenting at Euro Attractions Show are not permitted to present at, participate in, or support other commercial or fee-based events held in the same city (Berlin or surrounding area) during the week before, during, or immediately after Euro Attractions Show.
  • Speakers at IAAPA educational sessions are expected to provide educational presentations with no commercial influence. Sales and product promotions are prohibited at Education Sessions.
  • Speakers grant IAAPA permission and rights to record their session and make the recording and materials available through IAAPA's website and publications at IAAPA's discretion, including for sale. If a speaker does not want their session recorded they must notify IAAPA’s EMEA team, and receive written acknowledgment that their request has been recorded.
  • Speakers are expected to adhere to the timeline outlined in the information IAAPA provides.

What Speakers may Expect from IAAPA

  • IAAPA will notify every Session Coordinator submitting under the Call for Sessions to advise them if their session has been selected for inclusion in Euro Attractions Show 2017.
  • IAAPA will provide the audio/visual equipment for each session. This will include: a computer (with DVD drive &USB ports) connected to a projector & screen, a speaker’s podium with microphone, table with microphones. A lavaliere microphone will be provided if it is requested prior to the start of Euro Attractions 2017.
  • IAAPA will provide a Speaker Ready Room where speakers may rehearse, test for software version differences, and leave a revised/ final version of their presentation to be posted online.
  • IAAPA will provide attendees with access to electronic versions of the supplemental materials (including PDF versions of presentations, handouts, notes, etc) which are provided to IAAPA by speakers. 
  • IAAPA will strive to promote and acknowledge speakers and their sessions through the IAAPA website and printed materials.
  • IAAPA will provide complimentary Euro Attractions Show 2017 registration