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Euro Attractions Show 2018 - Education Sessions Presentations

 Friday, 21 September 2018 

IAAPA Institute for Attraction Managers
- Presentations available to IAM attendees through the course book  

 Monday, 24 September 2018 

IAAPA Safety Institute
- Presentation by Har Kupers 
- Presentation by Alan Love and Achim Stoss
- Presentation by Owen Yorath
- Presentation by Gianni Chiari, Massimiliano Freddi and Danilo Santi
- Presentation by Mohamed Gad
- Presentation by Emmanuel Calderara (not available online)
- Presentation by Laurent Martin (not available online)
- Presentation by Richard Brown

FEC / Small Park / Indoor Playground Day
- Presentation by Steven C Rhys
Presentation by Ulrike Dahl and Heather Barnes
Presentation by Daria Bohorodzicz
- Presentation by Joachim De Munck
Presentation by Janice Dunphy
- Presentation by Steven Putzeys
Presentation by Gaëlle and Majid Kotbi

Animal Welfare Forum
Presentation by Ted Molter 
- Presentation by David Williams-Mitchell (not available online)
- Presentation by Laura Van der Meer (not available online)

 Tuesday, 25 September 2018 

Lunch & Learn - Let’s talk trends!
- No presentations available for download

 Guest Experience Track 

Every Guest has Special Needs
Presentation by Fabien Manuel
Presentation by Werner Nowotny 
Presentation by Thorsten Eden & Sven Lakemeier

Apps 101 - Do you really need an app to wow your guests?
- Presentation by Sebastien Momerency and Stefan Colins 
- Presentation by Kåre Dyvekær 
- Presentation by TJ Christensen

 Digital Track 

When it gets personal… how to use your collected data smartly. 
Presentation by Michala Svane and Jonas Gregersen
- Presentation by Jegar Pitchforth

VR, AR, MR, XR, RR…  What’s your reality of the future? 
Presentation by Evelyne Villame
Presentation by Kevin Williams 
- Presentation by Laurence Beckers 
Presentation by Steven Putzeys

 Revenue Track 

#foodie - How attractions can incorporate food trends from all over the world to exceed guests' expectations and increase profits
- Presentation by Massimiliano Freddi, Sara Liparesi and Charles Coyle

51 Ways to Increase Secondary Spending
- Presentation by Tim Zuidgeest
- Presentation by Martijn Vrij
- Presentation by Stephanie Schaub
- Presentation by Greg Edelson

 Local Challenges Track 

No more room for growth? Overtourism and its lessons for the wider attractions industry.  
- Presentation by Carolien Nederlof, Marcel Westerdiep, Joris van Dijk, Stephen Hodes, Hans van Driem, Goof Lukken, Maarten van der Meer, Joost van Berkel and Axel Rüger.

CEO Talk - Going Dutch? What can the wider industry learn from the Netherlands?

- No presentations available for download

Global Challenges Track

Sustainable profits? The green and social road to effective and sustainable success. 
- Presentation by Choni Fernandez
- Presentation by Nicoletta Nodari 
- Presentation by Peter Persoon

MEGA solutions – Takeaways from big operational challenges for your facility.
- Presentation by Sander van Stiphout 
- Presentation by Annika Troselius 
- Presentation by David Gianotten (not available online)

 Wednesday, 26 September 2018  

Leadership Breakfast with Coen Bertens
No presentation available for download

Lunch & Learn - Train and motivate your staff to deliver outstanding guest experiences.
- Presentation & handouts by Heather Barnes and Massimiliano Freddi

CEO Talk - Inspirational Leadership, Words of Wisdom Shared 
No presentation available for download

Young Professionals Forum & Reception

- Presentation by Ella Baskerville, Camiel Bilsen, Romesh Popelier, Nicolas Renard, David Pusch and  Danielle Tanton

Student Forum & Reception
- No presentation available for download

 Marketing Track 

More than a Field Trip – Increase Attendance with Programs for Schools
- Presentation by Robert Arvidsson, Ann-Marie Pendrill, Christina Høj and Andreas Theve

Crazy about you? How to activate your fanbase to deal with ugly rumors, bad reviews, and good advice. 
- Presentation by Andre Wolf
- Presentation by Peter Osbeck

The Big LOUD Marketing Debate
- Presentation by Robert Arvidsson and Tessa Maessen
- Presentation by Rosella Passier (not available online)

 Design Track 

TEA Presents - Safety in Design
- Presentation by Chris Lange
- Presentation by Bowie Faas
- Presentation by Suzy Griffiths (not available online)

TEA Presents - Design for Secondary Use
- Presentation by Margreet Papamichael, Nicholas Farmer, Clifford Warner and David Camp

Retailtainment - Where retail meets leisure
Presentation by Massimiliano Freddi, Ingrid Grimbergen and Steven Putzeys

 Thursday, 27 September 2018 

Water Park Forum
Presentation by Roger Currie
- Presentation by Rick Root (not available online)
- Presentation by Peter Curtis 
- Presentation by Ewelida Jedrysiak 
- Presentation by Stefaan Lemey 
- Presentation by John Child 
- Presentation by Anton Hoefter 
- Presentation by Gerro Vonk

Halloween & Haunted Events Forum
- Presentation by Lotta Carlsbogard 
- Presentation by Filip De Witte
Presentation by Manuel Prossotowicz