2017 EAS

Presented by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) these sessions will take a close look at IP from a variety of perspectives

Date Wednesday 7 October 2015
Time 14:15 - 15:45

Session Description

With an ever increasing dependence for basing new attractions on established IP, the move to using IP in tourist attractions continues to increase. These sessions will examine the implications of this development for owners of IP such as media companies, for attractions designers and for park operators each of whom has a different perspective and possibly a different expectation.   

Intellectual Property: An IP Owners Perspective

IP sources are varied with some owners being more aware of what they have and therefore, exercising more control over the way their IP is used. This can present a challenge at the outset and make the integration of a given IP into an attraction expensive. We will look at the implications of designing for IP, starting with the building and working into the attraction within. We will consider the challenges of working with IP owners during the construction phase as they watch the attraction evolve, which will not always look as they expect.

Intellectual Property: A Designer’s Perspective

The majority of IP comes from books, films and TV shows, all of which can take their time to tell their stories, the problem for the attractions designers is that they may only have five to ten minutes to tell their story and are therefore, very dependent on our previous knowledge of a given IP, otherwise there is a lot of pressure on the pre-show! We will look at the challenges and look at the realities of dealing with IP, particularly for media based attractions.

Intellectual Property: An Attraction Operator’s Perspective

The day would not be complete without considering the owners view of using IP. Of course the key proviso is that it will attract additional visitors, but how long will it last? What happens if something changes? We will ask if IP meets revenue expectations once all costs are considered and if revenue really can be extended by investing in IP. 

The day will be divided into three sessions, with a Q&A panel at the end.
This session will be moderated by David Willrich.


  • Paul Kent

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David Willrich
David Willrich (Moderator)

Founder and managing director of DJW (DJ Willrich Ltd) an Audio Visual consultancy and integration company. With 30 years of experience behind it, the company specialises in permanent installation projects in Attractions, Museums and Theme Parks quite literally all over the world. DJW provides any aspect of the design and integration process up to and including a full turnkey service; design to installation and final show control programming. David is currently President of the TEA European and Middle Eastern Division. 
David Camp
David Camp, Partner with D & J International Consulting, UK

David works with D & J International Consulting, the company specialized in providing market and financial feasibility services to the visitor attraction and real estate development sectors. David shares his 25 years of experience in planning and development advice for theme parks, sports venues, visitor attractions, tourism destinations, mixed-use developments, brand centers, museums and resorts. From Aecom, London Olympics, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Tussaud Group to Star Parks/ Six Flags, he has been consulting worldwide in business planning and refinancing.