2017 EAS

Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Mobile Manager: How to Use Mobile Technology in Every Part of an Attraction.
Time: 12:30 - 13:30

Mobile devices have quickly established themselves as an integral aspect of daily life. From smart phone apps to virtual queuing devices, mobile technology is here to stay. Now parks are finding new ways to use mobile technology to enhance the guest experience front-of-house as well as manage operations back-of-house.   

In this session we will examine two different successful uses of mobile technology. Sarkanniemi Park in Finland is using a smart phone app that moves the guests around in the park by telling a story. This Business to Customer (B2C) application is like a treasure hunt and improves traffic-flow in the park as well as giving the park the opportunity to drive in-park spend in retail and catering.


Jens Holm-Möller owner of Shoptimzer, examines Park Check their mobile tool that effectively measures all safety checklists and maintenance assignment routines in a park. Currently in use in Fårup Sommerland Park amongst others, it allows technical staff to constantly know exactly what works, what is yet to be fixed and, just as importantly, who will be responsible to get the job done. Jens Holm-Möller will explore the future of such applications and how it can influence the daily operations.



Miikka Seppälä
CEO at Särkänniemi Adventure Park, Finland

Miikka Seppälä , CEO Of Särkänniemi Theme Park, is a disdinguished visionary and speaker in the entertainment industry. He has now 15 years of experience of managing different fields of entertainment and leisure businesses. Miikka is a driving force in integrating Angry Birds in Särkänniemi and created the initial concept for it. He has been speaking about conceptualizing in different conferences and events.

Seppälä’s experience prior to Theme Parks involves different sports events in national, European and global level. Amongst others, he participated in the organization of UEFA (European Championships) and FIFA (U17 world Championchips) and was a venue director to over 20 UEFA matches to IFF World Championships. 

Jens Holm-Möller
Owner at Park Check / Shoptimizer, Denmark

With 10 years of experience with optimizing the attraction industry, and some of the worlds most dominant retail brands, Jens Holm-Møller is today head of Park Check Int. Jens is an expert in user-friendly mobile-technology, especially when it comes to maintenance and safety. “I believe that the everything is mobile and that it is about time we operate our parks that way.”   

Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management  (2002) 
Founder of Shoptimizer and director (2005 - 2010)
Founder of Park Check and Director, Business Development (2010 - )
Lab agent at Innovation Lab (2013 - )
Member of IAAPA since 201