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How to increase attendance during slow days by inviting schools

From slow days to meaningful days (for the visitors AND you)!

Date:    Wednesday, 26 September 2018

  12:30 - 13:45

Location:     RAI Amsterdam Convention Center
  Conference Room 1
 Fee:   Free Admission with EAS badge (IAAPA-members)
  'Conference Programme' add-on required (non-members)

Session description:
Not every day is a peak attendance day at an attraction and with high fixed costs, driving attendance is a key objective for every attractions operator. Inviting school visits during low-attendance days is a way to make better use of available capacity. School programs supporting the curriculum can be a part of a park’s CSR jigsaw, but also bring in additional park income, even with discounted price tags.

This session brings together expertise from different areas with experiences from many different types of amusement-park curricular activities, that bring many thousand students every year to their facilities. Factors for success and best practice, as well as concerns and ideas for the future, will be discussed in a concluding panel discussion.


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