2017 EAS

Wednesday, 24 September 2014
We Got Talent: Successful Employee Development Strategies
Time: 15:45 - 17:00

The attractions industry is becoming ever more focused on developing employee talent in-house and in presenting the industry as a viable career path for graduates. In this seminar we will examine two different approaches to talent management within the business.  

Melanie Stacey, Graduate Manager with Merlin Entertainments, the second largest attraction operator in the world behind Walt Disney Resorts explains how Merlin promotes the industry to university colleges and how their program of graduate recruitment gives Merlin a growing pool of graduate talent.  

Wart de Goede, Operations Supervisor Dolfinarium Harderwijk and Sylvain Chatain, Internal Sales Supervisor for Walibi Sud-Ouest will outline CdA’s Star Programme that offers a fast-track management path to its existing staff members.

- Melanie Stacey, HR Director, Merlin Entertainments, Great Britain
- Wart de Goede, Operations Supervisor Dolfinarium Harderwijk
- Sylvain Chatain, Internal Sales Supervisor for Walibi Sud-Ouest will present on HR