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Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Fright Fest: How to Develop, Market and Manage a Successful Haunted Attractions, Maze or Scare House
Time: 13:45 - 15:15

Haunted attractions have become extremely popular additions to an attraction’s product mix as Halloween has developed from being an extension to summer-time business to being a hugely important part of many parks’ and attractions’ operating season.

Can a Halloween attraction like a haunted house or a maze work at your facility? Can it work as a permanent attraction or a seasonal addition? Is a maze or haunted house consistent with your facility's brand and target audience and will it add value to your guests’ stay and revenue for your attraction? What design factors and other steps should you consider when contemplating this type of event?

Join a panel of park event managers and show designers as they explore what it takes to design, develop, market and manage a haunted attraction, maze or other scare-related event at your attraction.

Cintia Del Mastro, principal at Del Dracco Entertainment, will examine design/building concepts and she will illustrate how story concepts should govern the initial approach to a haunted attraction.

Vittorio Santelmo, technical director at Mirabilandia will demonstrate the smart solutions and improvements in décor and safety in the haunted attractions he has managed that put employee and guest safety at the heart of the operation.

Peggy Verelst, marketing director in Bobbejaanland will explore marketing and sales promotions and she will demonstrate how to leverage a haunted attraction, maze or scare house to best advantage.

And finally, Jorg Kraft, Entertainment Manager in Movie Park Germany will share his experience regarding the operation of a haunted attraction.



Cintia Del Draco
Principal, del Dracco Entertainment

Cintia del Mastro was born and raised in 1973 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In  1991, when she was 18 years old she began her early career in the haunted business, at the event Noites do Terror (Horror Nights) in the legendary Playcenter. 

This kickstarted her career and shortly after she was hired as production assistant, floor manager, director and finally producer and manager of halloween haunted houses and permanent haunted attractions.

Paralel, she completed her 4 year study in Artes Dramatica(production, lighting, decor design, interpretation, etc). 

Cintia also worked as a Haunted Attractions producer in parks like Holiday Park Germany, Bobbejaanland Belgium, Mirabilandia Italy, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, Spain, and many more.


Vittorio Santelmo
Technical Director, Mirabilandia, Italy

Vittorio Santelmo was born in 1969 close to Ravenna, Italy. Passionate about mechanics and automation, he gratuated as mechanical engineer and started working in the industry, where he reached positions of responsibility as technical plant manager, developping also knowledge about safety and rules. After more then 10 years in the "classic" industry, he could follow his personal interest towards the "amusement" industry when he was called as technical director at Mirabilandia in 2010. Conforming to the general care to the safety of the Parques Reunidos Group, and following the creative ideas and proposals of Cintia del Mastro, he was in charge for the implementation and approval of the first haunted house of the Park (Phobia, 2011), then of the first Halooween maze (Matadero, 2011), up and up to the 5 mazes opened last Halloween 2013.

  Jorg Kraft
Entertainment Manager, Movie Park, Germany

Jörg was born in 1975 in Mainz, Germany. Jörg has worked for more than 15 years in the tourism and theme park industry. In addition to cruise ships and resorts, he has been active in amusement parks worldwide. He specializes in show productions and events and their creative and operational implementation. Jörg draws on extensive experience in the Halloween business since he has been running the Halloween Horror Fest in Germany for the past years now and has continued to further develop it and make it even bigger. For a total of four years now, he has been primarily responsible for the creative and operational implementation of the biggest Halloween event in Germany. Below you may find six haunted houses, three scare zones and 280 scare performers which entertain up to 28,000 guests per evening.

Other speaker:
- Peggy Verelst, Marketing Director, Bobbejaanland, Belgium