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Emotionalizing the Brand Experience: How to Take a Brand and Turn it into a Leading Visitor Attraction

Join our panel discussion about brand experience

Date: Wednesday 7 October 2015
Time: 10:30 - 12:00

Session Description

This session will explore how leading consumer brands have been turned into leading visitor attractions.  Panellists will include the manager of leading corporate visitor attractions such as Guinness Storehouse, Coca-Cola and the Heineken Experience.

Key questions asked and answered will deal with how to emotionalise the brand and create visitor experiences that not only turn the visitors into brand ambassadors but also make them the promoters of the Brand Experience, creating with their buzz an increased attendance  for years to come. Every element from the initial story conception to the final retail and supplementary revenue opportunities will be explored. A discussion of how the market was reviewed and the concepts defined to best match the needs of the market and the core of the brand.  Key performance indicators, best practices and lessons learned will also be discussed.

All attractions (regardless of scale or scope) should be able to learn from the key steps in the process and apply some of the lessons to their own operations to enhance the connection with the customer and improve their own performance in creating memorable experiences.

This session will be moderated by Yael S Coifman – Senior Partner, UK.


Bart Dohmen
Bart Dohmen, Managing Director of BRC Imagination Arts, Netherlands

He graduated in Management and Electronics Sciences. Along with a solid background In Marketing and Business Development, Bart leads projects worldwide. From Volkswagen, Spaceport Shenyang, Disneyland Paris, the World Horticultural Fair to the new EU Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015, Bart is versatile and brings a wealth of experience and leadership skills to help clients turn their creative dreams into physical reality. Bart also shares his knowledge as guest lecturer at NHTV Breda University.
Colette Coughlan
Colette Coughlan, Brand Manager Guinness Storehouse, Ireland

Colette Coughlan is Brand Manager at the Guinness Storehouse, leading the advertising, brand and PR campaigns at Ireland’s number 1 international visitor attraction and most recently voted Europe’s Leading Tourist attraction at the World Travel Awards. Her core focus is on positioning the Guinness Storehouse as a “must see” attraction with both incoming tourists to Ireland and with the Irish population. She identifies and delivers the most impactful programmes to recruit visitors into the compelling, authentic and engaging Guinness experience. Colette  has extensive brand marketing experience having managed several key dairy brands at Danone Ireland. Prior to joining Danone she worked at Unilever and held numerous roles within the company focusing on the Ice cream portfolio. She developed and executed award winning marketing campaigns for HB ice cream, Ireland’s number 1 iconic brand.
Craig Lovin
Craig Lovin, Creative Director, Coca-Cola UK

In 2015, The World of Coca-Cola celebrated its 25th anniversary as an Atlanta attraction, during which time it has welcomed more than 23 million guests from around the world. 
As Creative Director, Craig is responsible for the design and production of all the content for the World of Coca-Cola, including exhibits, audio-visual media and visitor experiences.
With a background in film and video production, Craig has been with The Coca-Cola Company since 2002. Craig also lived in Beijing, China for a year, where he led the design and development of the Coca-Cola Showcasing Center for the 2008 Olympic Games. 
Dirk Lubbers
Dirk Lubbers, Manager Heineken Experience, Netherlands

Dirk started at ThyssenKrupp, a German Steel Multinational, as Manager Logistics. As a student, he managed his own consultancy company.
His Heineken career began in 2002, where Dirk was responsible for all national and international Heineken events. He turned the Event Services from a supporting department into an independent profitable company. Since 2010, Dirk is Manager of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. He doubled the number of visitors in five years to 700.000 visitors; with his crew and the historic value of the brewery, Dirk made it one of the biggest attractions in Amsterdam.
Yael Coifman
Yael S Coifman – Senior Partner, UK (moderator)

Yael is a founding partner of Leisure Development Partners (LDP), a specialised consulting practice focused on the worldwide visitor attraction and leisure industry. Yael has an MBA in international business, economics and science and prior to founding LDP, she was a Director at ERA based in Los Angeles and London. During her 20 years consulting in the industry, Yael has completed projects in over 60 countries, throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia, sharing her expertise and global perspective with museums, corporate brand centres, major attractions parks and investment groups.
Other speakers:
- Colette Coughlan, Brand Manager, Guinness Storehouse

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