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Revenue Track - #Foodie

How attractions can incorporate food trends from all over the world to exceed guests' expectations and increase profits

Date:   Tuesday, 25 September 2018

  11:00 - 12:15

Location:   RAI Amsterdam Convention Center
  Conference Room 2
 Fee:   Free Admission with EAS badge (IAAPA-members)
  'Conference Programme' add-on required (non-members)

Tropical Islands - Tropical Garden Restaurant

Session description:
Over the last 5 years, hipster places, cosy bars and food pictures on Instagram reinvented the way we talk, search for and consume food. As experience designers and operators, we can no longer wait to innovate attractions menus, leveraging on them to succeed on our mission of making a day spent in an attraction become the tastiest day in our guests' life.  

During this session, we will go through food trends, practical examples and success stories that operators will be able to put in place, generating high profits and amazing reviews. 


To be announced (June)

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