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Meet the Operator’s Forum: Safety Speakers

Lisa Dolev 2017Lisa Dolev, PH. D, Founder and CEO, Qylur 
Dr. Lisa Dolev has over 25 years as a security and defense technology leader with a focus on counter-terrorism. She is currently the CEO of Qylur Intelligent Systems. Prior to this she led counter-terrorism technology programs for a defense organization, and was the liaison for international partnerships in this domain. She established the first human-focused counter suicide bomber technology program for the organization. Prior to this she served as an officer in the IAF. Dr. Dolev frequently speaks in security forums in the US and internationally, and holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

 Drew Tewksbury, SVP, McGowan Amusement GroupDrew Tewksbury 2016

Drew Tewksbury is the Senior Vice President of McGowan Amusement Group, from Cleveland, Ohio. 
Drew brings over 17 years of risk management and insurance industry experience to this webinar program.  He holds a National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO) Level 1 Amusement Ride Inspection License and is a licensed amusement ride inspector in multiple states.

Drew is a nationally recognized speaker on safety and risk management for the amusement industry. He was ranked one of the top five speakers at the IAAPA Attractions Expo last November in Orlando, and has presented Risk Management sessions FEC Las Vegas, FEC Dallas and our Rookies & Newcomers session in Orlando the past two years.  He has presented at the Fun Academy at Fun Expo, The American Inflatable Roadshow, and is a regular instructor at the semi-annual Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Ride Inspection Safety Training Program and NAARSO Schools.

Drew is an active member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (SIOTO), Responsible Operators of Amusement Rides (ROAR) and is a participating member of the American Society for Testing and Materials F24 (ASTM) committee for Amusement Rides and Devices, Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA) and The Showman’s League of America (SLA).

He is a contributor to The Inflatable Bootcamp, a “how to manual” on the successful creation, operation and management of an inflatable amusement company.

Drew has been interviewed and cited regularly in both amusement industry, insurance industry trade journals and nationally published news magazines.

Michael StewartMichael J. Stewart, Lead for Sports Leagues and Outdoor Events, Department of Homeland Security, Sector Outreach and Programs Division
Michael has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management with a minor in Criminal Justice. Michael enlisted in the United States Army in 1997 as a 12Bravo Combat Engineer where he participated in combat operations in Bosnia and Iraq.

Michael’s career ambitions were cemented as a result of the attacks on September 11th, 2001 while stationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia; Technical Rescue Army Unit. He was the Primary Rescue Instructor for MDW Technical Rescue Engineers who were deployed for 10 days to the Pentagon rescue/recovery mission-Operation Noble Eagle. It is a result of his 9/11 experience along with accounts witnessed in Iraq, that he knew he wanted to have mitigating impacts not only towards terrorism but emergent situations as a whole.

In July of 2006, Michael received a military medical discharge as a result of injuries sustained while deployed to Iraq. He went on to work in the civilian sector as a government contractor for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency as a Protection Operations Specialist where he coordinated and conducted trainings and re-certifications for the Pentagon Police Directorate in accordance with OSHA required trainings on Blood borne Pathogens, Radiation Safety, Risk Management and Hearing Conservation. Additionally, Michael was selected to support exercise preparation as a planner and evaluator for PFPA/DoD “Gallant Fox” exercises and DHS “Secure the Cities” exercises in accordance with the National Response Framework (NRF) and National Incident Management System (NIMS).

In June of 2015, Michael went on to become a Site Manager in response to USDA Confirmed H5N2 Avian Influenza in Commercial Turkey Flocks in Minnesota where he managed a crew of 147 personnel responsible for Safety and Bio-Security measures while overseeing the proper decontamination of farms and their associated equipment which were encased in support areas established within the Warm Zone; also referred to as the Contamination Reduction Zone.

Up until December 2016, Michael worked for Aveshka in support of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) providing operational analysis, project management support to regional initiatives, and planning support to critical infrastructure operations within area of responsibility (AOR) during both steady-state and incident response operations specifically for FEMA Regions I and II.

Currently, Michael is with the Department of Homeland Security, Sector Outreach and Programs Division as the lead for Sports Leagues and Outdoor Events within the Commercial Facilities Sector. Michael continues to grow body of critical infrastructure knowledge within his AOR and continuously strives to improve the program’s understanding of stakeholder needs nationwide. As subject-matter expert regarding all infrastructure of concern, Michael utilizes existing databases containing CI information to develop infrastructure analyses. It is his firm understanding that partnership engagement and the fostering of relationships between the public, private corporations and federal agencies leads to a more resilient posture toward homeland defense.