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IAAPA webinars are offered for free and available exclusively for -- and limited to -- IAAPA members as one of the many benefits received through their membership in the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

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March 25, 2015, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EST (Presented in Spanish)

Turismo Accesible – Una experiencia transformadora en el Bioparque Temaikèn (Accessible Tourism – An Experience That Transforms at Bioparque)  

El seminario propone compartir el trabajo desarrollado por Fundación Temaikèn para brindar una experiencia inclusiva en contacto con la naturaleza en el Bioparque. El diseño accesible de sus exhibiciones y espacios comunes, las actividades diseñadas para personas con discapacidad y las estrategias de capacitación del personal orientadas a brindar un servicio de calidad para todos sus visitantes. Al final de este seminario los participantes podrán contar con herramientas que les permitan realizar una autoevaluación del establecimiento identificando la accesibilidad arquitectónica en espacios comunes y específicos. Establecer parámetros para revisar que la comunicación, la iluminación y la señalización sean accesibles. Y contar con recursos que permitan capacitar al personal en estrategias para brindar un servicio inclusivo a los clientes.(This webinar will share the work developed by the Temaikèn Foundation to offer an inclusive experience through contact with nature at the zoo. The accessible design of its exhibitions and common areas, the activities designed for people with disabilities and the training strategies for staff are all oriented to offer a quality customer service for all the park’s guests. Through participation in this webinar, attendees will gain the tools necessary to evaluate their facilities by identifying the architectonic accessibility in common and specific areas. They will learn about parameters that will help evaluate if communications, lightning and signage are accessible. Participants will obtain resources to train their personnel in strategies that will help to offer an inclusive service for all their attraction's guests).

Presentan: Eric Sambón, Departamento Educativo, Fundación Temaikèn and Augusto Meijide, Supervisor de Calidad de Atención al Visitante, Fundación Temaikèn

More Webinars are Coming Soon!

IAAPA will be offering a minimum of 12 webinars for members in 2015. Watch your email, IAAPA news and social media and visit the IAAPA website for information on newly scheduled webinars. For more information about IAAPA webinars, please contact Lisa Deyo, Manager of Education Programs and Services.

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Submit a proposal to present a 90-minute IAAPA webinar. Topics should be relevant and timely for our industry, and meet the educational needs of IAAPA members. Sales presentations are prohibited. Proposal forms must be submitted in English or Spanish. Contact Lisa Deyo for an IAAPA Webinar Proposal Form, or if you have any questions.

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