E-Motionboard from Ride Entertainment, Valtiner & Partner Attractions Headed for Six Flags Dubai

Ride Entertainment (Booth #5820) partnered with Valtiner & Partner Attractions to announce the first E-Motionboard theater system will open at Six Flags Dubai as a virtual reality (VR) experience in 2019. The multimedia attraction places guests in a standing position rather than having them sit in a traditional theater configuration.
“When you’re standing, you’re a lot more physically involved,” said Valtiner’s Herbert Gall. “When you’re standing and [the platform] moves with six degrees of freedom, you have a very different immersion.”
The E-Motionboard uses Motion Grid technology allowing 39 guests to comfortably stand and enjoy the film, and the platform is wheelchair accessible. The theater system works with 2-D, 3-D, and VR experiences and offers special effects such as wind, scents, strobe lights, drop effects, and translucent floor and wall panels.