Juliana Delaney is CEO of Continuum Group in the United Kingdom. For more than 30 years, she's brought iconic attractions to life, including Portsmouth's Emirates Spinnaker Tower. She also sits on the board of Marketing Edinburgh and chairs a group within the Tourism Council created under a new partnership between government and the tourism and hospitality sectors.


Thoughts on Women in the Industry

What is the most pressing issue facing women in the workplace today, and how can the attractions industry influence positive change?
I don't think the issues are more or less pressing for women in this industry. I'm a believer in doing the best you can and ensuring you make the effort to be seen and heard and recognized. It's all in our hands not anyone else's.

How have you seen the industry evolve in regard to gender roles?

More and more women are confident of their own abilities nowadays. That's the positive change over recent years. Those of us who made a mark used to be seen as “pushy or bossy.” We were, because we needed to be heard or seen. Now strong women are appreciated.

How have you built your network of women in the industry?
I don't distinguish—I just built a good industry network of contacts, both male and female.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to convey to women starting their attractions careers?

Be yourself and be as good as you can be. And do not try to “have it all”—therein lies disaster.

Creating Careers of Distinction

How do you invest in yourself as a leader?
I read a lot about other leadership styles and adapt the best for my style. I download and listen to business podcasts—lessons from others are invaluable. I also learn from the mistakes I make and never ever think I know it all—you can never stop learning.

What is your most cherished work principle?

I try always to put my team first and the customer second.

What do you consider your most significant career accomplishment?

That I am still working with people that I began my leisure career with and still laughing and doing great work together.

What has had the greatest impact on your career?

It's people that make the greater impact. And all the people I have worked with have coloured my career in different ways.

What has been the greatest challenge of your career?

I see every day as a new challenge and every challenge as a way to learn and move on. Therefore, I don't stress about challenges either—I genuinely see them as gifts. Sound corny? It’s not if you really think about it.

What was the greatest piece of career advice you ever received?
A great guy once told me to “Have fun. Make money. But make sure you do it in that order of priority or it won't work.” 30 years on and I still hold true to that principle.

The Future of the Industry

Why did you join and choose to stay in the attractions business?
I fell into the industry by mistake when I joined the Jorvik Viking Centre project as a marketer. I now promote the industry to others—inviting them to bring their careers into the leisure industry. It's fun and interesting. No day it the same. People across the industry are fun, too.

What makes you most passionate about the industry?
We get paid to work—Monday through Sunday—in the space that others pay to spend their hard-earned money and leisure time in. We are so fortunate to be in an industry that makes people smile.

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