Beth Standlee

Beth Standlee is CEO and Owner of TrainerTainment. Her company specializes in sales training for family entertainment center staff. A frequent speaker at IAAPA events and education programs, Standlee has served on the IAAPA FEC Committee and conducted the first women's breakfast at IAAPA FEC Summit in 2017.

Thoughts on Women in the Industry

What is the most pressing issue facing women in the workplace today, and how can the attractions industry influence positive change?

​I believe women are still in a place of challenged upward mobility and equal pay. The attractions industry can help by continuing to promote talented women quickly. My experience is that women will take on a challenge and find a way to get the job done. ​The attraction industry can help create this positive upwardly mobile change by supporting women with leadership and mentor groups to teach young women to speak up sooner and plan bigger for their careers.
How have you seen the industry evolve in regard to gender roles?
​I personally think it is a slow process. While I see more women in sales roles, the general manager roles continue to be dominated by males.
How have you built your network of women in the industry?
​I help lead a women-in-leadership networking event at IAAPA FEC Summit. I maintain many relationships with female business owners and vendor friends.
What is one piece of advice you’d like to convey to women starting their attractions careers?
​Make a plan. Decide what you want and believe ALL of it is possible for you.

Creating Careers of Distinction

How do you invest in yourself as a leader?

​I read a lot. I've attended workshops and seminars. I belong to a CEO group of peers that meet once a month as a full group for a full day and once a month with three of us in a half day format. One of the best leadership experiences that I participated in was Cloud-Townsend’s "Ultimate Leadership" weeklong conference.
What is your most cherished work principle?
I really believe that if we all believed we were in service to each other that the world would be a better place.

What do you consider your most significant career accomplishment?

I'm very proud of TrainerTainment's role in the industry. I think our company is well respected. We work every day to help grow the industry by providing better sales, service, and leadership. I also think/hope I've had a significant impact on education through serving on the IAAPA FEC education committee.

What has had the greatest impact on your career?
The wise men and women in the industry who have helped me learn and grow through the years. I have had the opportunity to work for and with many of the industry greats and that has helped me learn to persevere, stand up for what I thought was right, and encouraged me every step of the way. Also my husband always believes in me and can talk me off the ledge when things aren't going well. Finally, my CEO group provides me with business and personal insight and support that I know has made us far more successful than I could have ever imagined.
What has been the greatest challenge of your career?

 I do feel like that "the boys club" is still a thing in this industry and at times, less so today than 15 years ago, it gets in the way of the kind of success realized by my male counterparts.  I definitely overcome the situation by taking a seat at the table as often as possible. When it seems that I'm shut out because I'm the gal, then I find another door to go through.
What was the greatest piece of career advice you ever received?
Work with people who believe what you believe. Live true to your values and never settle.​

The Future of the Industry

Why did you join and choose to stay in the attractions business?

​I love LOVE the idea of working with ​business owners and young leaders. I feel like our role as a training and coaching company is a way to influence and grow people so they can grow their businesses. I also believe recreation is important for families and people in general. I love playing in this space.
What is your vision for the industry in the next 20 years?

I think that the attractions will continue to get more sophisticated and service may become more automated. With that said I do believe that creating ways for people/guests to play together will highlight our need to be physically and socially together.

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