Europe has around 300 amusement- and theme parks (fixed-site amusement facilities). Every year, an estimated 155 million guests visit these amusement facilities. The top priority for the European amusement facilities is safety - and visiting an amusement- or theme park is one of the safest leisure activities there exists.

The main finding of the European Ride Safety Reporting System is that the likelihood of a visitor being involved in a serious incident is the risk of injuries at fixed-site amusement rides is 10 to 100 times lower than for most common recreational and sporting activities. These activities studied include roller skating (912 emergency room treated injuries per million participant days), basketball (799 per million) and football (405 per million). Fishing (85 injuries per million participant days) and golf (53 per million) are also considerably riskier than fixed-site rides.

To put things in an even more compelling perspective it should be noted that more than 3.000 people are killed in road crashes worldwide – every day.

A similar report to the European Ride Safety System has been updated annually by IAAPA since 2001 covering US amusement facilities with fixed site rides. The report, which has similar findings as the European system, is available here.

The European Commission conducted a study – Assessment of Best Practices in Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks in Relation to Safety of Consumers - in 2005 EUROPARKS and IAAPA strongly opposed the study, which was based on inaccurate and insufficient data. This study was the direct reason for the implementation of the European Ride Safety System, which now documents the excellent safety record of the European attractions industry.

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