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How To Make a Big Splash: Plans, Preparation, and Processes for Opening Day at a Water Park

With a typically shorter operating season than dry parks, water parks aren't afforded the luxury of extra time to correct mistakes or omissions when planning their season opening.

In this informative webinar, operators from a variety of water parks will share their secrets of preparation for a smooth, well-managed opening day, and safe season.  

The seminar will explore:  

Planning and Preparation - Key Steps for a Safe Opening:
How planning is more than just a checklist, rather a balance between "big picture" preparations and detailed steps needed to get open.

Human Resources:
How to get from recruitment and orientation training, to lifeguard training and customer service awareness, while keeping everyone motivated.

Equipment and Maintenance: How to make sure everything from filtration systems to lockers are revamped, reviewed, and ready to go.

The Missing Magic:
How to find the "missing magic" that sets your attraction apart from the competition from opening day to close of season.


Joe Stefanyak, Director, Jeff Ellis and Associates, Inc.
Chet Jacobson, COO, National Aquatic Safety Company
Jody Kneupper, General Manager, Wet 'n' Wild Splashtown



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