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IAAPA membership dues are for a calendar year, January-December, regardless of join date. There is no prorating of dues. New memberships received after September 15 will be good until December 31 of the next calendar year.


Invoices for membership dues renewal are sent to all members in mid-October for the next calendar year and are due January 1st. A membership certificate and card will be sent after full payment is received.


Members whose dues are not paid 90 days after their due date will be considered past due and all services will be suspended. Membership privileges will be reinstated at any time during the remaining months of the year after full payment is received. Past due invoices for other services rendered will also be causes for suspension, even if membership dues have been paid in full. This includes past due advertising and exhibitor fees. Membership will be reinstated after full payment of outdated invoices.


Members who have not paid membership dues for the current year are terminated on December 31. When a member is terminated, membership continuity and seniority is surrendered. Membership privileges are not reinstated, but terminated members can apply for a new membership.


No full or partial refunds will be given for unused membership services. Cancellations may only be requested in writing within 72 hours of applying for membership.