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We encourage you and other IAAPA members to use the logo in conjunction with your logo in advertising, promotions and other communications. Yet as with anything, there's a right way and wrong way to use it. These guidelines provide advice on the correct size, proportions, colors and other practical advice for using the new logo, as well as a camera-ready copy of the logo in black and white. High resolution and color logos can be downloaded from the "Members-Only" section on IAAPA's website For complete logo usage procedures, please review our identity usage guidelines. For further assistance, please contact the IAAPA Membership and Marketing services department at +1 703/836-4800.


The IAAPA logo is made up of two main parts: the symbol and the logotype. The symbol consists of the carousel horse surrounded by the swirl, with the registered trademark symbol. The logotype consists of the letters, "IAAPA," and the word, "Member." Together, these form the logo signature. You can use the logo signature in one of two ways: The first way is with the symbol centered atop the logotype. The second way, if you need a more horizontal format, is with the symbol to the left of the logotype. With any of the two signatures, the symbol should never be less than 5/8" diameter. There are no maximum size restrictions. The IAAPA logo should not be altered in any way. In other words, please do not change the size or positioning relationships, separate any of the elements (the horse, the swirl, the logotype, etc.), and please do not stretch or distort it. You may obtain an official digital version from the IAAPA membership and marketing services department.


The logo is designed for two colors: purple and magenta.

One-color version:

Against a white or light background, please use the logo in black or purple. Against a dark background, please reverse the logo so it appears as white.

 Two-color version:

The parts of the logo should appear in the following color breakdown. The two logo signatures use the same breakdown.


Alternating purple and magenta segments, starting with purple for the element directly right.


  • Only IAAPA members in good standing may use the IAAPA logo on generally printed business material such as letterhead, catalogs, brochures, advertising materials, business cards and so forth to indicate IAAPA membership and only to indicate membership. It is not necessary to obtain advance approval from IAAPA to use the logo to indicate membership on anything.
  • Under no circumstances may any member use the IAAPA logo in such a manner that the sponsorship, endorsement, approval or sanction of the IAAPA could be construed.
  • The IAAPA reserves the right in each case to determine whether the logo is being properly used to indicate membership. If the IAAPA determines, through its duly recognized official, that the logo is being improperly used, the IAAPA reserves the right to deny use of the IAAPA logo, he/she should contact the IAAPA office in writing prior to reproducing the logo.
  • No member may redraw, reshape, trace, tilt, intersect or photographically alter or distort the IAAPA logo. It may not be outlined, combined with any other symbol or reversed out of a photographic or pictorial background.