What Are Members Saying About IAAPA?

About Safety and Advocacy
"Safety has always been a priority for IAAPA members and it's reassuring to know our association is working on our behalf.  IAAPA directly supports the effort of working as a collective group on global safety standards.  Joining IAAPA gives members a direct link to the brightest, most well-respected experts in our field who are helping to develop standards that reflect the quality we provide to our guests every day."
Franceen Gonzales
Member since 1982

"My annual membership fees were more than paid for this year from the advice I received in two emails today.  We have read the latest ADA regulations, but we completely missed the option to install bump steps entirely, which would save us thousands of dollars. The IAAPA staff continues to make our membership the best bargain of any purchase we make all year.”
Buddy Wilkes
Shipwreck Island Waterpark
Member since 1963

About Education
"IAAPA is where our team comes to find the best tools and techniques to transform content into entertaining, magical, and spectacular experiences.  We have consistently discovered strategies through our IAAPA membership that have helped keep Science North positioned as one of the most innovative producers."
Julie Moskalyk
Science North Science Centre
Member since 1994

"IAAPA provides an excellent platform for learning through wide ranging education programs, an extensive library of data and materials compiled over the years, and a platform to meet suppliers for new ideas and new products."
Paul Pei
Ocean Park
Member since 1984

"Mulligan Family Fun Center's passion is to always provide a safe, memorable, fun-filled experience to our community. IAAPA's educational programs, such as safety institutes, webinars, and in-person events, help us fulfill this passion every day."
Robert Thomas
Mulligan Family Fun Center
Member since 1993

About Networking
"There is a direct line between our 18 years of membership in IAAPA to sales for Perky's Pizza.  IAAPA Attractions Expo is an event we count on every year to deliver us quality leads from around the world."
Jim Howell
Perky's Pizza 
Member since 1992

"A global brand needs a global network.  Our IAAPA membership connects us with fun products and services for our guests, as well as industry experience and education helping us grow and support our very important mission."
Ted Molter
San Diego Zoo
Member since 1999

"As a member for over 15 years, I have made many friends and acquired helpful mentors.  Together we have shared successes, ideas, and joined in support for challenges of our industry."
Sheryl Bindelglass
Member since 2008

“IAAPA provides a wonderful forum to share thoughts, concerns, and ideas that we all face together, and unites us in a way that otherwise would not have been possible. It's a great chance to learn and network.”
Brian Knoebel
Knoebels Amusement Resort 
Member since 1954

About Information
"Membership with IAAPA has proven invaluable time and time again.  I know what is going on in the industry thanks to IAAPA's Funworld and e-newsletter.  I stay informed and on top of everything I need to do my job well."
John Chidester
Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
Member since 1962

“Old World Wisconsin finds itself turning towards IAAPA as we begin the process of creating new visitor experiences that are engaging, enriching, authentic, and relevant. IAAPA’s publications, daily email updates, webinars and the annual IAAPA Attractions Expo helps us learn from other visitor attractions that provide quality guest experiences.”
Dan Freas
Old World Wisconsin
Member since 2012