Membership categories are divided into four groups: Amusement Facilities, Manufacturer/Supplier/Consultant, Individual, and Student.


Annual Membership Dues for amusement facilities are determined by facility attendance, type of facility, and their geographic location based on the schedule below:

United States, Canada, Latin America,
Asia Pacific

Europe, Africa, Middle East

Facility UNDER 1 Million in Attendance



Facility OVER 1 Million in Attendance




Annual Membership Dues: $570 / €482
Any person or corporation engaged in consultancy services, manufacturing or selling equipment, services, or supplies to the amusement industry may be eligible for membership in this category.


Annual Membership Dues: $520 / €410
Any individual who is a former employee of an amusement facility, employee of an affiliated industry, or engaged in the development of an amusement facility is eligible for this category.


Annual Membership Dues: $50 / €50 Any individual who is a part or full-time student at a higher education institution is eligible for the classification. Note: To qualify for a Student membership, you must submit supporting documentation (proof of age, and school information) with your application. This application can not be submitted online.

If you are a Young Professional, currently employed by a company, currently a member of IAAPA, you have access to IAAPA member benefits.  Find out who the IAAPA Member Primary Contact is for your company and have them add you to the company roster as a Young Professional.  Don't know who the Member Primary Contact is in your organization? Contact us.

Additionally, please note that every year, IAAPA grants memberships to a limited number of facilities from countries under extreme economic conditions. Learn more about this program and for the complete list of eligible countries and application procedures.