Thank you for your interest in the IAAPA Service Awards.

The 2016 IAAPA Service Awards were presented during the GM and Owners' Breakfast at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 in Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016, to:


John Wood, ICAE, Sally Corporation, Florida USA


Laura Woodburn, ICAE, Hersheypark, Pennsylvania USA

Dorothy Lewis, Xpress Posts, Connecticut, USA

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The call for nominations is now closed. The 2017 nomination process will be open in mid-May 2017. The nomination deadline will be Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017.  

The IAAPA Service Awards honor members who excel in performing services for the association and the industry and are dedicated to its well-being. Without these individuals, we would not be where we are today—a thriving global industry, proud of its rich history, and excited about its future.

Lifetime Service Award:
The Lifetime Service Award is presented in recognition of a member individual’s consistent and long-term achievements serving IAAPA and the industry in excess of 20 years.

Outstanding Service Award:
The Outstanding Service Award is presented in recognition of a member individual that works to foster the spirit of goodwill, professionalism, and higher levels of performance within the industry regionally, nationally, or internationally. This award recognizes excellence in service to the industry, which benefits IAAPA members at large.

Meritorious Service Award:
The Meritorious Service Award is presented in recognition of a member individual's service to and for the association by advancing the IAAPA mission. “Our mission is to serve the membership by promoting safe operations, global development, professional growth, and commercial success of the amusement parks and attractions industry.” This award recognizes a member volunteer who has given their time and talent to IAAPA.

  • Regardless of which service award your nomination is for, the form must be completed in full and contain sufficient information documenting the nominee’s contributions and achievements to determine the candidates’ eligibility and qualifications to be awarded a service award.
  • When considering a nomination, please keep in mind that service awards are given in recognition of an individual's service to the industry or to IAAPA. Awards are not given in recognition of an individual's personal commercial success.
  • Consider writing the nomination summary/citation as if presenting the award to the nominee, as it will form the basis for the award presentation for the selected recipient.
  • Use the nomination summary to highlight particular achievements and/or contributions that qualify your nominee for the award.
  • Complete the statement of support by detailing these achievements, activities, and/or contributions to fully describe the nominee’s qualifications. Include supporting documents that will add to the detail and help solidify the nomination.
  • It is recommended that in submitting this nomination to the IAAPA Service Awards Committee you assume no one on the committee knows your nominee. The details will provide the big picture.

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If you have questions, contact Jan McCool at or +1 703/299-5747.

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