Wuthichai Luangamornlert

Jun 5, 2014, 16:41 PM

Jodi Helmer

Growing up, Wuthichai Luangamornlert always knew he’d join the family business. His father, Chaiwat Luangamornlert, founded Siam Park City, a 120-acre amusement park and water park in Bangkok, in 1980.

“All of us, his children, knew that it would be our duty to carry on [the family business] and make it better,” he says.

With degrees in business economics, finance and marketing, Luangamornlert worked for a theme park in the UK before returning to Bangkok to take a leadership position in the family business. Almost two decades later, he’s assumed the role of vice president at Siam Park City. It didn’t take long for Luangamornlert to realize that he was well suited to the role and admits to becoming “addicted” to the amusement industry.

“Like everyone in this industry, I enjoy seeing happy people,” he says. “There is nothing better, after all of your efforts, than experiencing atmosphere of fun. The emotional reward drives our team better than financial reward.”

As managing director of the largest theme park in Southeast Asia, Luangamornlert oversees both internal and external park operations, managing staff across departments and working with government agencies and tourist boards to advocate for the park. 

“All my roles and responsibilities provide me with a number of great opportunities to meet with a lot of great people whom I can learn from and share with,” he says. “I can then apply all this learning into Siam Park City’s plan.”

Developing a long-term plan for the park is a challenge -- but it’s not because Luangamornlert lacks ideas. In fact, his passion for Siam Park City means he has a continual desire to make changes and improvements. Sometimes, what Luangamornlert wants is at odds with what guests want. 

“When you work in this industry, you can easily get carried away by what you want to do rather than what is best to create best visitor experiences,” he confesses. “Before I make any decision, I have to think at least twice to separate personal desires from what is in Siam Park City’s best interests.”

Luangamornlert has big plans for the park that could impact guests across Thailand and around the world. 

In his new role as vice president, he is focused on expanding Siam Park City outside of Bangkok, exploring opportunities to launch new parks both domestically and internationally -- but he is quick to assure loyal guests and his peers that certain aspects of the park will not change regardless of the expansion plans.

“Siam Park City has always been a family park and will remain so for a foreseeable future,” he says. 

One of the reasons Luangamornlert has the skills and confidence to expand into new markets is due to his participation in industry organizations like IAAPA and the Thailand Amusement Park Association.

As a member of IAAPA’s Asian advisory committee, Luangamornlert says,  “IAAPA introduced me to a very strong international network of friends in the industry [and] provides me with new information, industrial practices from different regions, new knowledge, new ideas and new opportunities.” 

All of the support he’s received over his career made Luangamornlert passionate about sharing his knowledge and skills with other operators.

“IAAPA also allows me to share my knowledge, experiences and ideas with the theme park community,” he explains. “It’s a two-way street.”