Jose Antonio Quevedo Diniz

Jun 29, 2016, 13:34 PM

Jodi Helmer

Jose Antonio Quevedo DinizJose Antonio Quevedo Diniz was operating popcorn carts in Mexico City when he learned that Reino Aventura was looking for someone to operate concession carts inside the park. Diniz worked his first shift in 1981.

“I loved working in the park and I putt a lot of effort into it,” he recalls.

It didn’t take long for park operators to take notice of his enthusiasm. He was promoted several times and made it right to the top: Diniz went from concessions worker to the CEO of Reino Aventura. In 1989, he left the park, which is now Six Flags, to start his own FEC, ¡Recorcholis! where he serves as president and CEO.

¡Recorcholis! is part of Grupo Diniz, the umbrella corporation for several different companies in the amusement industry, including Cocef, S.A. de C.V., a business unit dedicated to the construction, remodeling and expansion of the FECs; and Veser S.A. de C.V., a distributor that markets entertainment through global alliances with international companies in games, spare parts, stuffed animals, tickets and more.

Although Diniz loves many aspects of his role as president at CEO, there is one part of his job description that brings him the most joy: Seeing his guests having a good time—no simple feat considering ¡Recorcholis! attracts more than 16 million visitors per year.

“It is all about providing service after service,” he says. “We are permanently focused on satisfying our customers.”

Building new business units is also a source of great pride for Diniz. Over the past 27 years, ¡Recorcholis! has opened 43 locations in 20 cities across Mexico with more than 700,000 square feet of games and activities. As part of their expansion, he’s had the chance to watch his staff grow within the company and relishes the opportunity to create new jobs.

But success has not been achieved without challenges.

“I cannot fail to mention that, to reach 43 branches, we had to open and close another 16, a high percentage,” he confesses. “However, I am sure that we are here today thanks to these failures [because] we have been able to accept, assimilate and learn from them.”

Being a member of IAAPA has helped.

Diniz attended his first IAAPA Expo in 1987. In addition to connecting with suppliers and learning about the newest games and product releases to help his FEC thrive, Diniz believes his membership has helped with a less tangible aspect of running an amusement business.

“[Achieving success] can be incredibly difficult, especially when you encounter the inevitable setbacks that involve managing a project of steady growth like ours,” he explains. “IAAPA has allowed me to establish relations with people from my industry, to see that others have faced the same problems I have in my company and to learn from how they solved them.”