Heather Moyer

Dec 12, 2014, 18:45 PM

IAAPA Member Profile: Heather Moyer

Jodi Helmer

As a San Diego native, Heather Moyer grew up riding roller coasters and playing midway games at theme parks like SeaWorld and Knott’s Berry Farm. When a recruiter called her about a position on the promotions team at Disneyland, Moyer jumped at the opportunity to work for one of the parks that she loved.

“I remember my parents making our amusement park visits such a special thing,” Moyer recalls. “I was excited to try out the industry.”

After working with Disneyland for two years, Moyer, who earned a degree in mass communications from the University of California, Berkeley, joined Legoland California in 2002. In 2005, she was promoted to her current position as partnership and promotions manager. As her responsibilities grew, so did her love for the Legoland brand.

“We tend to be a child’s first experience in the amusement industry and it’s exciting to see them interact with our brands,” she says. “As a mom, I love watching my kids grow up having the hands-on opportunities to learn that Legoland provides.” 

In her role as partnership and promotions manager, Moyer has a direct impact on how guests experience the Legoland brand. She is responsible for developing strategic partnerships and creating regional and national campaigns that promote Legoland brand and drive attendance to the resort properties, including the original theme park, Sea Life Aquarium, and Legoland Hotel.

“I love developing partner relationships and working with our partners to create programs that are a win-win for Legoland and their brands,” Moyer explains.

Since she joined the team, Moyer has watched Legoland grow from a standalone amusement park to a resort that is part of the Merlin Entertainments portfolio and cites the explosive growth of the park as one of the most exciting parts of her job.

As part of a national team, Moyer has been involved in national promotions with McDonald’s, Warner Brothers, and Costco as well as exciting regional partnerships.

Coming up with fresh ideas can also be challenging, which is one of the reasons Moyer values her membership in IAAPA.

Moyer joined the marketing and communications committee in 2010 and enjoyed the camaraderie and professional development so much that she agreed to take on the role of committee chair. In addition to developing educational programming, Moyer benefits from networking opportunities with marketing executives from theme parks around the globe.

“It’s so valuable to network with colleagues, to be able to contact other members and bounce ideas off of each other,” she explains.

Looking forward, Moyer hopes to continue her career with Merlin Entertainments and anticipates opportunities to lend her expertise as its portfolio of parks continues to grow.

“I’m always thinking about how I can be a resource and play a role in what the future of marketing will look like for Legoland and Merlin Entertainments,” she says. “Things are changing every year. It’s a very exciting industry.”