The IAAPA Food & Beverage Committee is now accepting nominations for the first-ever 2013 Brass Ring Awards:  Food & Beverage Excellence. Only IAAPA facility members in good standing (2013 membership dues must be paid in full at time of receipt of entry) are eligible and are invited to submit a nomination.

There are TWO categories. To enter both categories, complete & submit the form separately for each category nomination. Complete all required fields (indicated by a « symbol), plus any additional field that will help you showcase your entry to the judges. You will only be invoiced for one $25 entry fee, even if you submit two separate entry nominations (one for each category) for a single member facility or location.

Questions? Please contact Linda Gerson at (703) 836-4800 or

The deadline is August 2, 2013.

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Please provide complete Nominator contact information. This person will be contacted regarding billing (US$25 entry fee per facility or location), if additional information or clarification is requested by the judges or award program managers, and for all follow up communications related to the 2013 IAAPA Brass Ring Awards. Any unclaimed awards will be mailed to the Nominator at the address provided here.


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Entry Description

Help familiarize the judges with your facility. Describe your overall food service operation (concessions, quick serve, full serve, buffet, etc.) and any relevant branding or themes at your facility (To give the judges more of the ‘flavor’ of your facility, we encourage you to include visual support by uploading a brief PowerPoint with photos at the bottom of this form):

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1. Please write a brief summary description of the new item and/or innovative strategy that you are nominating for Best New Menu Item or Best New Innovation in Food and Beverage:

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2. When was the item or Innovation first implemented? Is it still in place or was it in effect for a limited time?

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3. Describe the thought process or Research and Development that led to development and introduction of new menu item or concept.

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4. What were the results? Did the innovation provide clear benefits to your facility?  Describe the impact on revenue, facility operation, and/or attendance.

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5. Describe in detail what challenges/opportunities this item or strategy addressed.


6. What makes the implementation of this item or strategy different/unique/superior from what other food & beverage operators in our industry have already accomplished?

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Describe any impact on guest satisfaction that resulted from this product or initiative. Sample feedback or examples of guest testimonials are encouraged.


Culinary creativity: describe the unique use of ingredients or new products/items


Describe the menu Item’s uniqueness to your facility and its brand, theme, or message, etc.


Describe the merchandising, packaging, & display strategies that were utilized. Additional support in the form of images within a PPT file or video clips are strongly encouraged (see upload details below).


Describe how themeing, signage, or marketing components were utilized to connect your product or innovation to your facility's brand. Additional support in the form of images within a PPT file or video clips are strongly encouraged (see upload details below).


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I confirm that the food items or the food service innovation nominated here comply with current safety best practices and standards (items sold in the U.S. must meet current Food Safety Regulations).

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Please attach additional details about the innovation which can include videos, Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), consumer and/or operator test results, or other relevant materials that will demonstrate the visual appeal of the entry and allow the panel of judges to fully understand and evaluate the product or innovation.  These visuals should also illustrate and support the descriptions provided in the above fields.

All materials become the property of IAAPA, may be used at IAAPA's discretion, and will not be returned.

Maximum upload size is 10 MB.

PowerPoint file name should indicate your facility name and category. Do not use spaces or special characters in the file name.

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Videos may NOT be uploaded if they are over 10 MB. To submit a video for consideration, upload your video to YouTube, your website, or another hosting site and provide the URL here so that our judges may access and watch the video.

  Upload a high resolution Jpeg logo from your company/facility, which IAAPA may use if you are a finalist.

I verify and attest as true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief all statements and information provided in connection with these award considerations and indemnify IAAPA for any damages that may incur due to any inaccurate or false information I may provide. I understand that the decisions of the IAAPA judges and IAAPA Food & Beverage Committee are final. I understand that IAAPA may use all information and materials submitted to promote the Brass Rings Awards Program and food service programs for our industry.

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