The Brass Ring Awards in Human Resource Excellence honor IAAPA member organizations who have developed quality human resource programs that have made their facilities great places to work and visit by empowering their employees to deliver the best in safety, service, and fun.

Categories for 2013

  • Best Innovation in a Training Program
  • Best Employee Reward & Recognition Program

Nominate your facility or company for one or both of this year's categories. A separate entry is required for each category nomination. Facilities will be judged in subcategories based on estimated annual attendance (based on 2012 data). Learn more about the entry criteria here.

Entry Submission Options

Option 1 - PowerPoint Summary: The PowerPoint presentation must include a Contact Information slide (with the contact person's name, title/position, company name, phone number, and email address). Keep the PowerPoint file name brief and simple: no spaces, no special characters; but be sure it includes your company name and indicates the program: HR. Maximum upload size is 10 MB. Click HERE to submit your slides; then complete the form below.
(example file names to upload: HRtrainingFunSpotFEC.PPT or HRrewardSixFlagsAmerica.PPT)
Reminder: you must also complete the mandatory fields on this page and submit this form.

Option 2 - Video Summary: Create a short video (4 minutes maximum) that addresses the judging criteria. The video must be hosted online in such a way that the judges can access it. You may use your facility's server to host the file, or an option such as YouTube (if the video does not contain any proprietary or sensitive information or images). The file must remain accessible via the link you provide until at least December 1, 2013. A high resolution version (or a DVD version) must be made available to IAAPA upon request. Reminder: you must also complete the mandatory fields on this page and submit this form.

What should a successful entry cover?

  • Demonstrate the impact of each program by showing how your training or reward/recognition program successfully produced results for your employees and your business.
  • Show the unique and innovative attributes that set your program apart from other programs.
  • Showcase the quality of Theming  that sets your program apart from others, while reinforcing your company values, vision & mission, culture. Show how the program maintains the facility brand or theme throughout the program resources developed, the program story lines, or the activities/events experienced.
The images and words you use to illustrate the outstanding features of your program will go a long way in influencing the judges as to why your program is the best and most effective for your unique situation in the Amusement & Attractions Industry!

See more about what the judges are looking for at:


Nomination Fee: Effective January 2011, there will be a processing fee of US $25.00 per facility.  After you submit your nomination (below), IAAPA will send an invoice to the contact person listed on your entry. Payment will be due by Oct. 1 to remain eligible for an award in August.

Additional information:The entry form does not offer a 'save' feature, therefore it is highly recommended that you draft and edit your essay responses in a separate document and copy/pasting the final responses into the fields below.
Finalist and winning entries may be shared and shown publicly at IAAPA Attractions Expo, on our website, or elsewhere.

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Describe your program in 200 words, giving an overview of the program including its primary training or reward objective, and identifying the unique and creative branding & themeing features of the program.

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All Entries must include a Logo

Upload a good quality, clean Logo of the company or facility you are entering (use short file name without spaces or special characters):
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Winners will be announced at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2013 in Orlando, FL. Some awards will be highlighted in the NEW brass Ring Awards event on Wednesday Nov. 20th at 3:30pm. Expo registration is required in order to attend the awards events. Join us for this exciting event!

Good luck.

Nomination Fee: After IAAPA receives your entry, an invoice for a US $25.00 processing fee will be sent to the contact person listed on this form.

All entry materials become property of IAAPA. Materials or excerpts may be used for the awards programs, marketing, education, or other purposes at IAAPA's discretion.

If you have questions regarding the entry process, please email Linda Gerson.