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Eligibility Criteria

  • Only IAAPA members in good standing are eligible to compete in the 2018 IAAPA Brass Ring Awards competition.  

  • 2018 IAAPA membership dues must be paid in full at time of receipt of entry.

  • All entries become the property of IAAPA and will not be returned.  

  • Only one entry per facility, per category, will be accepted.

Judging Criteria

The judges will focus on two particular aspects of your program. First, the judges will consider the quality and effectiveness of each program by letting the results speak for themselves. Illustrate how your approach to training or reward/recognition successfully produces results.
Next, the judges will be looking for the unique attributes that set your program apart from the rest. Show how your program goes beyond training textbooks, procedures, and forms (or strictly rewarding with bonuses, promotions, etc) to create a robust and memorable experience. Illustrate how your program reinforces the values, vision & mission, culture, and branding or theme of your facility.

Keeping this in mind, the judges ask that every entry clearly address the following points:
  1. Describe your program in detail, explaining how it works and the specifics of the program.

  2. Describe or show the resources developed uniquely for this program. Illustrate the range and quality of creative, branded, or themed materials.

  3. Highlight the aspects of your program that are unique, innovative or tied specifically to your facility's brand & themes.

  4. Explain how the program impacted your people and your facility, focusing on results and providing data, examples, and testimonials where appropriate.
The decision of the judges will be final. Awards will not be given in a category if the judges determine no entries in that category warrant special recognition. Judges may re-classify incorrectly submitted entries to the correct category.
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Awards Deadline
August 19, 2018