To be eligible for a committee chair or member position, candidates should be members in good standing during their full term. 

Committee chairpersons are selected from the facility, manufacturer, or life member classifications as defined in the IAAPA bylaws. 

Committee chair and member individual qualifications include:

  • Proven performance in their field
  • Commitment and time to serve
  • Understanding of teamwork
  • Personal communication skills
  • Conversational English language skills


Per section 4.03 of the association's bylaws, the Chair appoints all committees and task forces. All committees and task forces work under the guidelines of the strategic and business plans. The Chair, in consultation with the President/CEO and Immediate Past Chair, appoints all committee and task force chairs; except as otherwise provided in the bylaws, all committee chairpersons are appointed for terms of one year. A task force chair can be appointed for a term equal to less than one year but not greater than one year. In order to encourage greater membership participation in the activities of the association, no chairperson who has served three consecutive terms shall be re-appointed except in unusual circumstances. In addition, it is encouraged that at least 25% of the committee is replaced each year to require new participation. It is also encouraged that the committee have the fewest number of members as possible but must have the representation and expertise needed to fulfill its responsibilities.  All advisory committee chairs must present a report to the board at its meeting at the annual conference and trade show.  Other committees may provide reports to the board at the request of the chair. 

The committee chair selects committee members. Committee members, as committee chairs, are appointed for terms of one year. Committee members will serve no more than three consecutive terms.