SeaWorld Unveils Ride Vehicles for New 2017 Attractions

Joe ManbyOn Tuesday, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment unveiled three different ride vehicles that will be part of its robust 2017 lineup of new attractions.

“We are very, very excited about the future of SeaWorld,” said SeaWorld President and CEO Joel Manby. “We have a lot going on in 2017—this is one of the biggest product launches in our company’s history.”

SeaWorld San Antonio’s “Wave Breaker” vehicle at the Intamin booth (#3824) mimics side-by-side jet skis. The multi-launch coaster will spend almost its entire length over water, SeaWorld officials said, as it re-creates the feeling of riding out into the ocean on an animal-rescue mission.

Chance Rides (Booth #5124) is collaborating with SeaWorld San Diego on a high-tech new vehicle for the “Submarine Quest” family attraction. SeaWorld’s Brian Morrow said “Quest” will involve interactive gaming elements using a touchscreen monitor as guests travel through a multi-faceted environment that evokes a deep-sea dive. “It’s not a dark ride because it’s not inside the entire time, but it does have indoor sections—so you can’t classify this in any particular category,” he said.

“InvadR” at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a family-oriented wooden coaster from Great Coasters International (Booth #2273). The ride will be in the park’s new France area where Vikings have come to invade a village; guests can choose between the villagers’ train and the Vikings’ train when they climb aboard “InvadR.”

“The 46-inch height requirement means kids will be able to ride it with their parents,” said SeaWorld’s Jeff Hornick. “This is a great transition between some of the smaller kiddie rides and the large steel roller coasters.”

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