‘IAAPA Celebrates at SeaWorld Orlando’ Reaches for New Heights

IAAPA Attractions Expo attendees are in for a fun-filled evening of networking in the shadow of Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster during Thursday night’s “IAAPA Celebrates at SeaWorld Orlando.”

This evening event will put guests right in the jaws of “Mako,” SeaWorld Orlando’s newest roller coaster. The hyper coaster features the highest lift hill in Orlando, topping out at 200 feet. “Mako” also reaches a maximum speed of 73 mph, and runs nearly a mile in length.

“Everybody wants to go on the biggest, fastest, whatever you have in the city, and now they can come here and do it,” says Brian Morrow, vice president of theme park experi­ence design at SeaWorld Parks and Entertain­ment.  

The ride was inspired by the mako shark, one of the fastest in the ocean, and mimics its habit of leaping out of the water. SeaWorld chose Bollinger & Mabillard, a nine-time collab­orator, to create the coaster. The company also created Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s “Apollo’s Chariot,” the first hyper coaster in the world, for SeaWorld nearly two decades ago.
“Mako” features nine camelback parabolic hills to provide maximum air time; banked and over-banked turns to create a wave-like feeling as riders float sideways; and an out-and-back design that uses a hammerhead turn. A low airtime hill at the end of the ride is a special surprise; the vehicle travels the hill faster and forces come on much stronger than the taller hills. Even the coaster vehicle was designed for max speed—the company dropped an eighth row of seats to make the vehicle faster.
Attendees of “IAAPA Celebrates at SeaWorld Orlando,” will also have the chance to experience the “Antarctica” dark ride and “Kraken” coaster while networking with colleagues from all over the world.

“IAAPA Celebrates at SeaWorld Orlando” takes place Thursday at 7 p.m. and requires separate admission and an Expo badge to attend. Tickets are $109 for IAAPA members ($149 for nonmembers) and can be purchased at Registration in the convention center.

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