Holovis Offers Personalized Augmented Reality

Holovis (Booth #778) is taking augmented reality and gaming to a new level with its new Extended Experience. After downloading an app, parkgoers can start playing multiplayer interactive games, with augmented reality effects, by pointing their phones or tablets at targets that have been embedded on park tickets, merchandise, and walls. The media and intellectual property, which is bespoke for each attraction, can also be customized by demographic.

“When you go on your dark or media-based ride, you see different content to other people. Everybody has a different experience, and that connects to our real-time media capabilities and how we design all our media,” explained Holovis’ attractions development manager Mike Ross. “If you have a young child, that might be something a bit easier, so that they have a bit of a better experience. If you’ve got more points, you might unlock a secret route that only you go down if you’ve reached a certain level.”

The Extended Experience product can also be used to ease queue boredom and direct people to different spots in your park, like an underperforming food and beverage outlet, by placing augmented reality targets there and sending guests push notifications.



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